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Treading in My Father’s Footsteps


January 30, 2018


Akira Nakajima

President & CEO

NHLab. Inc.


 On December 9th of last year, my father Heitaro Nakajima passed away.

He had started NHLab. Inc. about three years before, on the occasion of retirement of several engineers who once had worked with him for Sony Corporation, intending that the Lab. would be a club-like meeting place for these younger colleagues to continue research and development on audio utilizing their accumulated knowledge and skills. Living together with him,

I had been watching closely he and his colleagues kept on research and development efforts focusing mainly on an egg-shaped loudspeaker for which they had a feeling of expectation for an excellent potential ability.

The egg-shaped loudspeaker was completed in three years, and I hear that dozens have been sold so far. Further, my father said “I want to put a more enhanced and advanced type of loudspeaker system out into the world”.


Now, I would like to inform you that I have decided my mind to be President and CEO of NHLab. Inc. to tread in my father’s footsteps as a same engineer of electric engineering. I have been engaged in examination of commonly known patent examples especially on video equipment including speakers, microphones etc. at the IPCC (Industrial Property Cooperation Center) for about ten years. Though I am not an expert on research and development of audio equipment such as loudspeakers and others, I believe my experience shown in my career summary below will make me be able to contribute to the activities of NHLab. Inc.


NHLab. Inc. is going to enter the fourth year in coming April, and I will aim at strengthening the base of our technology and management with two keywords “seeking for excellent sounds” and “playing with excellent sounds”. I sincerely hope you will give us your continuous cooperation to NHLab. Inc. Thank you very much.




Career Summary


March 1969 

               Graduated from Department of Electronic Physical Engineering,

               the School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology.

March 1971 

               Graduated from the Master’s Course of Tokyo Institute of Technology                        Graduate School of Science and Engineering, majoring in Electron Physics.   

April 1971   

               Entered Hitachi, Ltd. and engaged in development of speech synthesis                      and recognition system, also developed Kana-Kanji conversion system

               for Japanese word processors, in the Central Research Laboratory.

August 1983  

               At the Microelectronics Equipment Development Laboratory and the                          headquarters of Hitachi, Ltd., developed Japanese processing system

               and information retrieval system.

October 2000-March 2011 

               Transferred to the Industrial Property Cooperation Center, a General                        Incorporated Association. Assignment of FI, F-terms for non-public patent                application cases. Search for prior-art documents with regard to public                    patent application cases.

October 2011- November 2012             

               Worked for PASONA Group Inc. at the Development Division, as patent                    search leader (an executive in charge of category 37).

April 2011- Present

               Business contracting with The Japan Society for the Advancement of                        Inventions, a General Incorporated Association, and Hatsumei-Tsushin                    Co., Ltd., to examine examples of commonly known patent examples, to                  judge patent violations and to guide execution of patent claims, etc.

April 2013-Present

               Business contracting with Pasona Knowledge Partner Inc. to examine                      examples of publicly known inventions (suited to private issues), to judge                patent violations and to guide execution of patent claims, etc.

October 2014- Present

               Interbooks Co., Ltd. Translation of Chinese to Japanese for patents                            applied fromChina to Japan, and proofreading of the translated contents


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